Banks Are Finding New Customers with These 5 Trends
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01 июля 2016 года

Banks Are Finding New Customers with These 5 Trends

Catering to a market’s unique needs generates more traffic and revenue for banks, a MotionPoint analyst writes.


Banks are missing out on new customers (and revenue) if they’re not catering to underserved audiences in domestic and global markets, writes Eric Watson in a new post at

Serving consumers in their languages of choice is a great way to spark customer interest in new markets, said Watson, a Global Online Strategist for MotionPoint's Global Growth team. However, understanding consumer behavior trends in new markets is key, should banks wish to achieve sustained success.

Watson shared five trends with's readers. One such trend: providing services and content that caters to the unique needs of these customers.

"Providing high quality, locally relevant content can account for as much as 50% of a localized website's inbound traffic, we've found," he wrote. "Offering this information helps banks stand out in regional search results-especially among 'fact finding' prospective customers."

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