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21 февраля 2018 г.

Серия "101": главное, что нужно знать о поддержке программ глобального маркетинга

How much do you know about overseas expansion and the need for website translation? Here's a crash course.

Изображение MotionPoint


21 февраля 2018 г.

Successfully serving online global markets requires a thoughtful omnichannel approach, ideally presented in the markets’ languages of choice. That means localizing your website and other digital assets.

But how savvy are you to overseas expansion, and the need for website translation? If you're new to the conversation, here's a crash course. Take a peek at these 10 blog posts to quickly catch up on how to best support your global marketing initiatives:

Улучшите обслуживание зарубежных клиентов при помощи перевода веб-сайта

Serving global markets with English-only websites is a sure-fire way to alienate the very multilingual customers you’re trying to woo. Discover the benefits of a fully-translated website in this post.

Международные потребители рассчитывают видеть переведенные веб-сайты. Не обманывайте их надежды.

Global customers are no longer demanding localized websites for their markets—they downright expect them. This post reveals what you might be leaving on the table if you’re ignoring website translation.

Для чего мне локализировать свой веб-сайт?

Understanding the importance of website translation is one thing. Taking steps toward achieving that goal is something else. This post can help demystify that journey, and offer suggestions for what you’ll need along the way.

Перевод веб-сайта способствует увеличению международных продаж и росту

These days, customers, no matter wherever they live, expect to buy online from any company anywhere in the world. Website translation and optimization can help you do that, and earn customer trust. Learn more in this post.

Неполный перевод мультимедийной продукции может нанести вред международному онлайн-присутствию Вашего бренда

Do you know what parts of a website are often missed by incomplete translation solutions? You put your brand at risk when you present customers with a jarring “mixed language” online experience. Learn more in this post.

Значение многоязычных каналов сбыта

Your website is a critical channel to translate, if you want to serve global markets—but it’s not the only one. Savvy companies localize their omnichannel content. Learn how this can positively impact your business in this post.

Discover the ‘Secret Sauce’ to Global Digital Marketing

Marketing teams can easily use localization, multilingual multichannel marketing and more to craft custom experiences for local audiences. Find out how to attract global customers in this post.

What Do Your International Customers Want?

Linguistic fluency is essential for serving global customers-but so is being fluent in their cultures and buying habits. Jump-start your familiarity with customers and buyers in several key markets with in these two guides.

Learn about the needs of French, German and Japanese customers in this post. Discover the needs of Spanish-speaking residents in the U.S. and Latin American markets in this post.

3 способа, благодаря которым MotionPoint увеличивает коэффициент обращаемости посетителей локализированных веб-сайтов

Implementing the right web translation solution can increase brand awareness, improve lead generation and enhance the overall customer experience on your website. Find out MotionPoint delivers this, and more, in this post.

Как MotionPoint справляется с локализацией и индивидуальной адаптацией

Adjusting translations to account for local cultures and preferences can boost traffic, engagement and conversions. MotionPoint’s technology enables those kinds of powerful content customizations, with no effort required on your end. Learn more in this post.

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