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09 апреля 2018 г.

Переход на цифровые технологии для обслуживания международных покупателей B2B онлайн

Your marketing and sales channels can apply the best lessons from the digital transformation trend to win new business.

Крейг Уитт
Крейг Уитт

B2B buyers around the world are conducting their own research in earlier and earlier stages of the buying process, writes Craig Witt in a guest post at Manufacturing Business Technology. That means knowing how they prefer to be engaged.

And it also means speaking their languages. If your global websites feature untranslated content, limited search functionality, or a lack of locally preferred payment options, you're missing a big opportunity, our EVP says.

In the story, Witt offers B2B companies key tips for serving global customers online, including:

  • Embrace 21st century search
  • Go mobile-first
  • Understand cultural nuances
  • Keep your online channels fresh
  • Help buyers find you

Read all the best practices in the story at Manufacturing Business Technology.

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