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The Turn-Key Solution

MotionPoint — единственное решение, которое предлагает полностью законченный подход к переводу веб-сайтов. But what does "fully turn-key" actually mean?

A hands-off approach

Managing translated websites for your global markets is a lot of work. Our solution handles all of that for you.

We combine advanced, proxy-based technology with complementary services, so that we can easily translate, operate and optimize your multilingual websites.

Discover the ease and benefits of the proxy approach

What does that look like?

We handle:

  • Your localized site’s configuration and setup
  • Automatically detect when you publish new content that requires translation
  • Immediately deploy that translated content to your site
  • Localize all media including images, videos and PDFs
  • And handle the complicated process of “tagging” content for translation in CSS, JavaScript, XML and other formats

Learn more about our website translation technology

A dedicated translation team

We also provide a dedicated translation team that's fluent in your brand and your industry. They handle the entire translation process from start to finish.

Our editors and QA teams ensure the content is customized for your global audiences, optimized for search, and matches your brand’s voice and website user experience.

Learn how MotionPoint builds translation teams you can trust


MotionPoint can configure, translate, and deploy your global websites in as little as 30 days, in as many languages as you want at the same time.

After that, we’ll monitor your main website for changes daily, capturing, translating and publishing any new content typically within one business day.

Read more about how translation speed is important for global business

Tailored to you

Our solution can handle your website, regardless of its size. And we can support your growth, since our proxy technology operates independently of your website and its systems. Change your CMS, redesign your site, add new technologies-our solution will seamlessly keep up.

No other solution delivers such a powerful, turn-key advantage to support your growth in new markets.

Learn how MotionPoint works with every technology, language and vendor

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Перевод на основе прокси-подхода. Новый взгляд.

Перевод на основе прокси-подхода. Новый взгляд.

Узнайте 10 фактов о переводе веб-сайтов на основе прокси-подхода — как это делает компания MotionPoint.
Простота, легкость и доступность

Простота, легкость и доступность

Первоклассные решения на основе прокси-подхода позволяют упростить и снизить стоимость обслуживания переведенных веб-сайтов на международных рынках.
Решение MotionPoint на основе прокси-подхода

Решение MotionPoint на основе прокси-подхода

Ваш выбор для создания мультиязычных веб-сайтов мирового класса.

Мы будем рады обсудить с вами все вопросы

Узнайте, как мы можем помочь вам без труда выйти на международный рынок.

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